We offer the most up-to-date Access Control and Licence Plate Recognition systems

We integrate different hardware and develop custom-made projects

Access Control

Electronic access control refers to the practice of regulating the entrance to a property, a room or a territory to authorised persons.

The access control system can be automatic and based on one manufacturer or it can be integrated as a part of a larger technology network.

Proxmaster will happily give you advice on which principles should be kept in mind and which problems could be solved more efficiently using access control.

Licence Plate Recognition

Probably you know that the licence plate recognition helps to open gates and barriers automatically.

Likewise, you may also understand that when entering a regulated parking area, the machine automatically issues you a ticket specifically connected to your car’s licence plate number.

Moreover, if you are a regular user, it might be more convenient for you to receive an accurately calculated monthy bill. Fortunately for you, that is a possibility.

Proxmaster will happily give you advice on how the system works and which problems could be solved more efficiently using the licence plate recognition.

Software Development & Integration

Additionally to its core products, Proxmaster has always engaged in the development of custom-made projects in the field of security system management and integration to suit customers’ needs.

Throughout time, Proxmaster has developed a range of solutions for clients whose needs are not fulfilled with standard products.

If you feel that your current security or access control system lacks of functions, please feel free to contact us today. We will be here to help you out.

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